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A Quick Guide To Soldier, Poet, King

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Soldier, poet, king. It’s a phrase that you’ve almost certainly heard at some stage but may not quite understand. Once you do, though, it will provide you with a deeper insight into how you view yourself and your place in the world.

It may sound arbitrary but are you a soldier, poet, or king? Here’s all you need to know.

What is soldier, poet, king?

Heavily influenced by The Oh Hello’s song, Soldier, Poet, King is a personality quiz. It includes 20 questions that are designed to tell you whether you view yourself as a soldier, a poet, or king as per the lyrics of the song. They state that:

  • The soldier “carries a mighty sword”,
  • A poet “whose weapon is His word”.
  • The king’s “brow is laid in thorn”.

While it isn’t supposed to be taken too seriously, the test can reveal what you think about yourself and subsequently guide you in a variety of life situations.

What do the results mean?

The results of the quiz will provide a definitive answer as to whether you are (or at least think you are) a soldier, poet, or king. To understand this further, you must understand that;

  • A soldier is someone that wants to bring justice to the world by righting wrongs.
  • The poet looks to change the world via their words, bringing peace and harmony.
  • A king uses their power and feels a duty to take ownership.

The results can subsequently provide insight into relationships, friendships, your career, and more. Take the test today to find out whether you’re a soldier, poet, or king.